hello storyteller podcasts: episode 4 - unveiling your inner artist | with Kristen Ryan

Join us as we chat with the amazingly talented Kristen Ryan about her 4th year of her 365-journey, channeling her inner artist, diving into the world of soul searching self portraits, and how she captures those dramatic and colorful Oklahoma skies (like jaw dropping gorgeous)!

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wild + free presets | by megan boggs are now available!!

Fresh off the press, the brand new "wild + free presets | by megan boggs" are NOW for sale!!!

With these wild + free presets collection, you'll enjoy the best of all worlds; nostalgic-emotive muted tones with a vibrant punch of color that will make your soul sing!! Click on the link and check them out and receive $5 off with our limited-time sale offer!!!

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relishing the everyday | by katie jennings

As a kid I was a bit of a risk taker, but also a very sensitive person which I still am today. I think those attributes still aid me as I continue to grow into my photography and film making career. The risk - is sharing your life with the world through photography and films, especially since I didn't dive into the world of social media until 2014. As a lover of small tribes of close friends, the thought of sharing my every day moments on social media was terrifying. 

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lesson: self portraits - made simple | with kristen ryan

Self portraiture has been a personal project I started for myself two years ago. As my project developed, it slowly started to change its meaning. While it was still motivation to get in the frame with my children or alone, it started to have a deeper affect. I was seeing myself outside of my role: wife and mother; a self I hadn't seen for years. I was seeing beauty in myself that I  seemed to overlook in years past. It may have just been a small part of me, but still a part of me I had never been able to connect with before.

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lesson | a quickie "To-Do List" for hard light shooting with Robyn Chubey

Hard light is one of the most under-appreciated lighting scenarios for photographers, and for good reason. It is definitely trickier, and employed ineffectively, easily produces unappealing images. 

Some issues that photographers run into with hard-light situations are over-saturated colors, unwanted color casts, increase in contrast between hard shadows and bright highlights, and dappled light falling in an intrusive way. 

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hello storyteller podcasts: episode 3 | forethought & vision - with Robyn Chubey

"That's what I'm always after, this perfect vision in my head, I'll do whatever it takes to make the perfect image."

Join us this week as we chat with Robyn Chubey about how she tackles her photography vision from conception to completion, how to run a successful photography business, and what materials she uses to stay motivated and push through that awful "resistance". She's fun.  She's real. And she will get you motivated to "do more" and "be more"!

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hindsight | with robyn chubey

Hindsight. It’s one of my favorite things in the world because it’s what makes sense of the past. I love working backwards through my life to figure out the "why’s" of how I got here, seeing all the clues that were telling me what paths to take, and finding meaning and purpose for the hard things I felt had no meaning at the time.

Because every moment did, and does, have purpose. 

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lesson: creating raw emotion | with neka rae

Have you ever seen an image and think ‘WOW’ how did they capture such RAW emotion

Today I am going to share with you a few of my favorite prompts in order to achieve raw emotion from your subject. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to capture my clients in an emotional raw state-of-mind, the same way I shoot for myself. I would like to show you how to ensure your subject is comfortable in front of your lens; leading to emotive images. I will share how I capture emotion in within various genres of photography since I do not have one particular niche of photography, but rather showcase a "certain" emotive style.  Click the link to learn more!

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