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Making Everyday Beautiful | with Amber Talbert

a guide to creating captivating visual memoirs of childhood

March 2019

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Join Amber as she demonstrates her approach to seeking light and creating visual love letters to leave as a legacy for the children we so much adore. She will explore creative ways to strengthen our mom goggles by the use of light, composition and observation exercises to tell the stories of our children with thoughtfulness, intent and striking beauty. Amber will share her approach on how to shoot in different types of light and how she calls on her signature voice of incorporating color, water, movement and light to breathe life into everyday art.

  • Follow my Path: learn about Amber’s road to frames; how she has used her personal struggles to pave the way for a fast track ride to success & how she turned her struggles into strengths, achieving a deeper purpose in motherhood & connections with her children.

  • Soul Searching: tools to help you evoke deeper thought behind the lens and understanding your “why”; implementing the roles of motherhood to connect the dots and bring your art full circle.

  • Exploration: the importance and tools to practice observation and employ the senses to create work that impacts your viewers on a deeper level.

  • Let your Light Shine: learn to seek, appreciate, and create beautiful photographs in all types of light.

  • Let’s be Intentional: learn to apply artistic voice intentionally by using out of the box thinking, and creative light.

  • It’s Playtime: explore playing alongside your children while shooting to capture authentic emotion & when to step back and let the story unfold on its own.

evoke deeper thought behind the lens and let your authentic story unfold

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lifestyle & documentary photographer

lifestyle & documentary photographer

amber talbert

Hello, I’m Amber. A mother, wife and lifestyle + documentary artist living in rural North Texas. My love for moments and art started in my childhood. My grandmother was a big VanGogh fan so our house was adorn with admirable pieces of his work and while I don’t try to create it in my own work, I am thankful to be blessed with such history of art and its impression on me at such a young age.

In my teens I stumbled upon my grandfather's Canon AE1 and I spent my days documenting my siblings. I dressed them up. Dressed our dog up and snapped away with no real technical skill. Since then, my life has been blessed by six beautiful children. Four years ago my husband bought me my first  DSLR. It wasn’t long after that someone had made a comment about my work and how it wasn’t any good. I'll be honest, I was crushed. I put my camera down and didn’t touch or even look at it for a year. I let my ego and feelings get the best of me. Needless to say, I eventually picked it up again. I dove in headfirst absorbing everything I could to  improve my craft and make meaningful photographs. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and as I look back on my journey it proves more and more everyday. At times, I have lost myself only to find a different version of "me". Here I am today, an eclectic soul, using my work to create memories, mostly inspired by my childhood memories or lack there of and therapeutically shooting my way through motherhood. The good and the bad, knowing it all passes so quickly. My heart is each one of my photographs; warm, bold, and emotional.