Episode 23: Tog Talks | Surviving Busy Season??

image by  Sara Garcia

image by Sara Garcia

In this weeks episode Megs & Mel tackle the crazy, chaotic, mind-boggling topic of the "photographer's BUSY SEASON" and how to, ummmm, SURVIVE it (or try to that is!) They share their insights of how they stay organized, client communication, and mapping out their schedules to achieve success during "Busy Season".

Tools & Apps mentioned in this episode:

Sprout Studio - (use the code referral code MOPHOTO)




Google Keep

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Megs & Mel are two momtogs - living in their creative bubble, raising kids, cleaning house, and knockin' out their creative projects one day at at time. Hello Storyteller presents a new podcast mini series: Tog Talks! Where Megs & Mel will dive into the world of various "Momtog" topics each week.

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