Embracing The Beauty Of Winter Adventures | by Jess Buttermore

We’ve all been there. The weather turns. The last leaves fall. The days become short and dark and overcast. The rain or snow sets in. And we find ourselves feel trapped in the house with the kids climbing up the walls. Our camera begins to collect dust on the back desk and we long for spring. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, I’ve learned to appreciate the seasons in ways I’d never recognized before. I’m here to share with a few ways to create beautiful imagery with your family during these shorter days.

  • Accessorize with warmth and texture in mind. When bundling up the kids for an outdoor adventure, think accessories that have rich colors and textures, heavy knits and layers. This is your opportunity to incorporate elements that will add interest to your adventure images AND will keep them warm and comfortable longer.

  • Chase the winter light. As photographers, we are light seekers. It is a critical aspect in creating our imagery. But the incredible thing about the seasonal changes is that they occur as a result of the earth’s position changing with regard to the sun. So, the light is still there. It’s just different. And different is good. I’ve found that the winter sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking to capture through my lens. They often have a cooler, cleaner hue and color, sometimes beautifully diffused by the winter fog of filtered by the trees that have recently dropped their leaves. And the blue hours are spectacular as well, leaving your images with gorgeous depth and emotion. And the best part? You don’t need to keep the kids up past their bedtime to capture a winter sunset! Take advantage of the shorter days and enjoy a pre-dinner sunset adventure with your family.

  • Enjoy your own private oasis. One of our favorite parts of adventuring during the winter months is that we often arrive at our favorite beaches and trails to find that we have the entire park or beach to ourselves! These experiences, where we feel as though an entire vast space as been reserved just for us and no one is around for miles and miles, have made for some of the most amazing memories and photographs we’ve captured as a family to date. Remember, beaches, lakes and trails aren’t just for the summer months.

  • Let the natural elements and your children’s imaginations lead you. Don’t wait for the wind to die down or the fog to let up. Jump in and capture the movement and the mystery that these winter elements lend you. Rain and snow doesn’t mean you have to stay in. Bundle the kids up and let them splash in the puddles and draw in the snow. Let them stand on that driftwood and pretend they are voyagers capturing the heart of Te Fiti. Photograph the magic that can only be found when we let their young minds lead your adventure.


Every season has so much to give to our creative minds. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder.

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