hindsight | with robyn chubey

Hindsight. It’s one of my favorite things in the world, because it’s what makes sense of the past. I love working backwards through my life to figure out the why’s of how I got here, seeing all the clues that were telling me what paths to take, and finding meaning and purpose for the hard things I felt had no meaning at the time.

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Because every moment did, and does, have purpose. 

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When I was 22-years-old I set up a boudoir shoot for my best friend and I. I styled it completely, right down to my “sets”. I did both our hair and makeup, shot it all on my disposable film camera, had it developed and then of course, scrap-booked it (thank you 1999). At that time, I still had no idea that I’d ever become a photographer... but that piece of hindsight is pretty funny! I still have that scrapbook too.

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Fast forward 6 years and an Aesthetician Certification, I was working (one of my many jobs) as a freelance makeup artist, doing wedding parties almost every weekend. There I ended up meeting some photographers who hired me to work on their boudoir marathons. It was on those shoots that I watched, I learned a bit, and then (of course) I decided to buy a DSLR, so I could be the photographer (you know, because it’s so easy). I’m sure they weren’t impressed! But, when fate calls, you must answer. 

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So, I did what every normal person trying out Photography does, I ordered my Canon Rebel T1i kit with an on camera flash, some weird modifiers for it, a set of 2 entry-level strobes and soft-boxes and gels and barn doors, and then I set out to learn it all. Just kidding, that’s not really what most people dabbling in photography do, but it’s what I did, for better or worse! I also bought photoshop elements, practiced for two seconds, and a week after I made an ad for my boudoir sessions. Two weeks later, I was shooting clients.

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No, I absolutely didn’t know what I was doing, but hey, I was getting paid, and therefore I was suddenly a “professional photographer”. I made a website, and I had “arrived”, lol. I was terrible, but it was okay because I didn’t realize I was terrible, and neither did my clients. They didn’t even mention my terrible attempts at the liquify tool. (May I just say, yikes). 

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My journey since then has been beyond fun and diverse. I’ve made every business and editing mistake you can possibly make, and after 5 years, I’ve even almost fixed them all! I have photographed every type of session, from weddings and baptisms, to traditional East Indian baby showers, company head-shots, couples, kids, newborns and families. I’ve since whittled down my services to focus mainly on family, couples, maternity, babies and kids, and large groups. The rest of the time, I photograph my own little tribe.

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All along my path, I’ve been working on polishing my style, and I am still evolving every day, I probably always will be. The basics have been there from the start. I’ve always loved sharp, punchy, vibrant, contrasty edits. I adore getting creative and using photoshop, and I will often use it to manipulate my images into the dream that I envision. I love to style a set and ensemble and turn it into a masterpiece. More than this, I constantly and consistently aim to mark all my hindsights in full colour glory, with photography. 

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Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

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