what's in your bag | jamie eilts??

We've all been there, you post an image on social media and receive comments praising your beautiful work, and then inevitably, you get that dreaded comment we all loathe, “Wow!  Your camera takes great pictures.”  It makes you cringe because, yes, you do love that precious camera of yours, but we all know that a good photographer can take a great picture with any camera.  There’s so much more to it than just the camera/lens. 


We know that having a solid camera and decent glass can make a big difference.  And of course, as photographers, we are often curious to know what gear other artists are using.  So, with that, I give you a peek into my camera bag.

  • Camera Body: Canon EOS 6D

  • Lenses: Canon 24-105mm/4.0L IS II, Canon EF 50mm/1.8 (not pictured), Canon 70-200mm/2.8L IS II, Sigma Art 35mm/1.4, Canon 85mm/1.4L IS USM (my newest baby)

  • Lens filters & hoods

  • Lens calibration cards

  • Neewer interval timer

  • Additional goodies:

  • Hair ties

  • Hair bows/clips (various colors)

  • Safety pins (helpful for wardrobe malfunctions)

  • Smarties (my bribery of choice – great because they are easily hid in cheeks or little hands, and they don’t stain the mouth!)

  • Spare camera strap & hand strap

  • Speedlight & Diffuser

  • Tripod

  • Monopod

  • Spider Camera Holster

Not pictured:

  • Spare Battery

  • Spare Memory Cards

  • Small toys/noise makers (to entertain and get the attention of the little ones)

So, there you have it!  A peek into my camera bag!  I will tell you that my favorite lens is my Sigma Art 35mm/1.4.  I’d say that lens is on my camera 75% of the time overall and nearly 100% of the time when shooting indoors. 


As always, let me know if you have any questions. @jamieeilts

xoxo, Jamie