wild + free presets | by megan boggs are now available!!

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Fresh off the press, the brand new "wild + free presets | by megan boggs" are NOW for sale!!!

With these wild + free presets collection, you'll enjoy the best of all worlds; nostalgic-emotive muted tones with a vibrant punch of color that will make your soul sing (no really, just listen!).

🤫🤫 The secret is out: "Film-like tones" no longer have to dance around their secret love affair with "pops of color" 😍😍

This 12-preset collection is a one-click shop making your editing process easy, enjoyable, and cohesive without spending hours in your "dark room" (no one wants to spend hours on end hand-editing their entire gallery, am I right?!).

Be prepared...you never knew editing could be this easy!!

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This week you'll receive $5 off this awesome preset collection and enjoy your new editing routine!

Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your support!! I hope you enjoy these presets as much as I LOVED making them!!

Once purchased, please join our Facebook group page where you can share all of your amazing images using the wild and free presets collection!!

xoxo, Megs