getting creative | with Candice Gleason

Hi everyone, it’s Candice (@candice_gleason_photography)! I’m so excited to be here to share some of my madness with you.  


I was asked to share some tidbits about what inspires my creativity and how I come up with some of my most outrageous ideas.


For starters, I have to admit that in the beginning stages of an idea, I also question why I would ever do something so crazy (ha ha ha)! Once I set my plan into motion however, there is no stopping me.


I find inspiration in so many places, sometimes I wake up with an idea, other times I’m inspired by the other very talented artists I’m surrounded by. My kids are also insanely creative and sometimes we work out an idea together. They love being part of the whole process.


That being said, my poor neighbors think I’ve lost my mind. The first time I used my fog machine in the street they all came out onto their porch with their phones thinking they would have to call the fire department. When I went through my light painting stage I set fire to some dry grass and leaves in our neighborhood. We have had cake fights in our backyard and have spent endless hours underwater in the pool trying to master underwater photography.


The hardest thing for me is to be stuck in a creative rut. I have this innate need to create, so when I get stumped, frustration sets in and I usually break out of it with my messiest ideas, I call it "going rogue"!  This usually makes my followers cringe wondering how I ever cleaned up such a disastrous mess.


I’ve lit things up with whatever lights were available to me at the time. I’ve picked up junk off of the side of the street because I knew I could turn it into something magical. I’ve had barnacles slice my foot open, trying to get the perfect angle. I’ve been covered in sand more times than I can count, I’ve hosed down a mud hill to make a mudslide for my babes and in every single mess that we’ve created we have always laughed our way through our sessions. It truly is something I cherish doing with my children. We create memories through these amazing adventures, memories that I know I will carry in my heart forever. My hope for my kids is that they never let anyone dull their creativity and that I inspire them to follow their dreams, no matter how crazy or messy or outlandish they may seem. There is always beauty in the madness ❤️

xoxo, Candice