sweet little reminders | with Holly Grams

I’ve always been an observer.  An introvert. A quiet listener of this earth’s music.  I’m a bit of a daydreamer getting lost in random moments here and there.  It’s my way of leaving behind the sad, the dark, and the broken. As a child growing up in a tiny country town, I used to go for walks to a secluded creek nearby my home where I would get lost in my thoughts. As a teen, I got lost in the paintings of the great masters, Monet, Warhol and the soulful work of Frida Karhol.  But, as a working mother I found it much harder to get to that peaceful place I so long to be.

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I needed a way to lose myself while still being present with those I love. Photography was my answer, helping me zone out while zooming in on the details of our lives, freezing treasured little moments forever. My perfect escape, found in pressing the shutter at just the right moment in just the right light.  

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When I found photography, I found a quick way to get to this place of transcendence I craved, but it wasn’t without its own challenges. I struggled to find my voice as an artist, but with time, I have.  I’m incredibly self critical, but somehow how I found a way to trust my instincts and let my inner critic go when my camera is in my hands. It’s incredibly freeing. It’s the voice I’ve never had. It’s peace I’ve never had.

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This next image I took last summer on one of those days motherhood felt completely overwhelming.  I was tired and out of patience. We were in the thick of potty training and I saw this sweet little foot dangling in the light and I knew I had to capture it.  So many things clicked for me when I hit the shutter in this moment. I suddenly began to understand light and I also had this realization that incredible beauty is constantly surrounding us even in those moments when it feels impossible to find. I didn’t need a great getaway to find great beauty because I discovered it surrounds me always.  

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Since this moment, I’ve grown to love a wide variety of lighting situations and am most inspired when light connects with dark to create mysterious pockets of pretty light.  I think there is some sort of magic that lies in the in-between and I try to incorporate that into my work.

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This life is a gift.  This earth we live on is gracious; she holds on to the good patiently waiting for us to come back to it when we are ready.  This awareness has brought me so much comfort and it’s what I hope to convey through my photographs. I want my imagery to be sweet little reminders that despite the trials we all face this life is gloriously good.     

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I’m so excited to be mentoring with Hello Storyteller.  I cannot wait to continue to share stories, connecting and creating with you.  Be sure to stop back in, I’ll be here this week sharing tips about one of my favorite techniques in an upcoming mini lesson.

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The earth has music for those who listen. -Shakespeare


xoxo, Holly G