podcast | Episode 11: tog talks | summer projects

In this weeks episode Megs & Mel discuss summer photography projects: making a summer shot list, 100 days of summer, and various other summer ideas & projects to keep you shooting and your kids happy! Oh - and wait until you hear their latest wild idea (psssst....it has to do with DRONES!!)



Summer Shot List: Top 25 must have shots this summer!!

1. Floaty pool shot from above

2. Gardening

3. Hammock

4. Underwater

5. OOF at the beach

6. Watermelon

7. Beach

8. Flowers

9. Eating Ice Cream Cones

10. Beach with Red Dress

11. Lemonade

12. Bubbles Outside Backlit

13. Sidewalk Chalk

14. Flying a Kite

15. Popsicles

16. Cooking

17. Riding Bikes

18. Fishing

19. S'mores

20. Sunglasses

21. Sprinklers

22. Fireworks

23. Camping/Camp fire

24. Splashing

25. Swimming

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