podcast | Episode 12: finding freedom in freelensing - the path of resistance and perseverance | with Megan Boggs


Hello Storytellers!! You definitely don't want to miss this weeks Hello Artist Interview with our Founder, Megan Boggs, as she dives deep into her photography journey full of emotion, connection, and freelensing. She doesn't travel the path of least resistance, but instead leaps upon stepping stones knocking them out one at a time. She's a rule breaker (the innocent kind of course) and lives life by her own mantra: positivity, full of color, and finding beauty in blurred lines. 

PSSSSSSSTTTTTT.........DON'T MISS OUT ON THE BIG REVEAL!! We've got a HUGE announcement and you're going to want to hear it!! Stay tuned...



Images discussed in this weeks episode:

American Flag: When I first began posting my images to IG using my "big girl camera"


First freelensed image (ever):


The moment I discovered my freelensing voice: