lesson: using music to inspire a session | by LeAnna Azzolini


One thing that I've discovered I love to do when I'm feeling blocked or in a rut is to choose a song that moves me and use it as the inspiration for a mini shoot. I've always listened to music in order to bring inspiration, but several months ago I was in Jacob Loafman's private Facebook group and he gave us an assignment to create an entire shoot from the feelings that we get from a particular song. At that time I had "Dream" by Bishop Briggs playing on repeat in my car for weeks. I decided to do a golden hour shoot with my daughter and capture the ringlets in her hair because we were getting ready to cut some of it off. All the planets must have been aligned, because we ended up with the most beautiful golden light surrounded by mood and clouds and all of that good stuff that we normally lack here in Southern California. Every piece of that hour felt just the way the song did.

The next time you're feeling stuck, I challenge you to dig into your playlist and find a special song. Listen to it a few times in a quiet place and start to envision the way you would shoot the music video for it. Build the wardrobe and setting in your mind and figure out a way to convey your feelings through your imagery. If you can, find a way to play the song while you're shooting too. This will forever be a favorite way to escape monotony for me. I hope it brings some inspiration for you too!

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