episode 17: tog talks | how do you balance??


Finding balance (especially when you're a mom) seems like a missions impossible assignment (amiright?!?!) Constantly juggling daily life like a clown all while standing (or sitting) on a very thin and very tall balance beam!

Join Megs & Mel as they share their balance struggles, tips & tricks and things they do to master (ha ha) balance in their lives. Just know YOU are not alone and we are all just living our lives one hour at a time!

Megan & Melissa are two momtogs - living in their creative bubble, raising kids, cleaning house, and knockin' out their creative projects one day at at time. Hello Storyteller presents a brand new podcast mini series: Tog Talks! Where Megs & Mel will dive into the world of various "Momtog" topics each week.

If you have a question or topic you would like featured or discussed, please feel free to email us at hellostorytellerblog@gmail.com

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