Episode 18: Selfie Love | with LeAnna Azzolini


In this weeks episode we are all about sharing the SELFIE love with the talented LeAnna Azzolini - whose self portraits are mind blowing, inspiring, and straight up AWESOME!! If you are afraid to hop in front of the lens - then this is the episode for you! We'll share how turning the lens on yourself is not only a perfect keepsake for your family, but also cathartic, therapeutic, and the perfect mix of vulnerability and powerful! No more EXCUSES friends...this is YOUR time now!! Go ahead and rock the lens (you sexy thing, you!)


Make a "Selfie" shot list of any and all self portrait shots you'd like to accomplish for the rest of the year (by yourself and with your children). At the end of the year make and print an album of your self love!!

Bonus: Tag your images #hs_selfielove for a chance to be featured!!

You can also join the p52 Get In The Frame facebook group for support and lots of fun & inspiration!!

Other groups focusing on self portraits this month:

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Clickin Moms - Daily project

Don't forget to screenshot the podcast when your listening and tag @hellostoryteller in your stories. We love to see who is listening!!


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