My Magic and My Art | by Gina Yeo

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Photography is engrained in my genes, I’m certain of this. My father was our family photographer and I and my sisters grew up the subject behind his camera. When I think about how my father influenced my photography I can remember flipping through his beautiful leather photography albums ogling over the memories captured by his lens and smiling at the memories he’d captured. I can also remember many summers spend chasing CPR trains through the Canadian Rocky Mountains following behind my father as he snapped away at passing trains through the mountain passes. Somewhere around the age of nine I was given a little film camera. I treasured that camera documenting my childhood musings and holidays. As I grew my passions changed and photography was not always a constant in my life but it did remain an interest. I picked up photography again a little more seriously when I was gifted a digital camera, as a wedding gift, by my father. I once again began to document special occasions but it was not until I became a mother that photography became a serious interest. Filled with motherly love and a desire to preserve every sweet childhood moment I dove into the world of photography devouring every single tidbit of information I could feast my eyes on. As I digested this information and practiced and practiced I slowly grew into the photographer I am today. I distinctly remembering trying out different styles of photography and experimenting with editing. From the beginning I think I had an emerging style and have not strayed very far from my first types of images.

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Throughout my journey my style as a photographer has evolved around my love for light. I’ve always adored light and not just as a photographer. Light fills me up and I cannot help but drink in all of it’s deliciousness. Soft, hard, dramatic, bright, flat, side…give it all to me and I’ll work with it and create art that fills up my soul. I adore the intricacies in light and I have discovered a deep love for experimenting with light. In addition to light I’m a bit of a technical fanatic. I like rules and I enjoy following them so I’ve certainly embraced the technical and rule side of photography. I enjoy learning about how my camera works and then using my camera in a way that that captures my artistic vision for an image. I am most drawn to clean and simple frames. I like my subject to shine and compose my images intentionally in ways that adds visual depth and a touch of magic. Second to my love of light within my photography is magic. I’m a dreamer and infusing a little magic into my images feeds all my whimsical dreams. Magic comes in many forms for me but will typically come in the form of movement, energy, creative layering, or sparkle. Recently I’ve been experimenting more with simple composites and oh how I adore the added touch of magic that a composite can infuse into an image. I also thoroughly enjoy using my prism and other little tools and techniques like shooting through objects to created an added touch of whimsy. As a photographer, I aim to capture simple everyday moments of my children with dreamy touches of magic.

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As my children have grown I’ve also dabbled in other genres of photography. I’ve connected deeply with landscape photography. Born, raised and currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada I’ve always lived in close proximity to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I have an enormous love for the Canadian Rocky Mountain ranges. There is no place on earth that I enjoy being immersed in more that those mountains. There’s something so incredibly spectacular about hiking up a mountain with the sun shining warmth in my face. I’d describe myself as shy, introverted and independent and I crave the quiet and calm that being in nature provides me. I revel in the power of nature’s displays when the storms roll in, the song of a bird, the distant howl of a wolf, the occasional citing of a grizzly bear. All these things connect me, in a way that nothing else quite can, to this earth and what it means to be human. I embrace it all and there is so much incredible joy in landscape photography and being able to capture a place that means to much to me and share my art with others.

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Photography is first and foremost my passion and my hobby. I shoot for me, from my heart, and create in a way that wakens and feeds my creative soul. I’m an artist and will capture images and work with them in post processing sometimes for days in order to infuse my vision into them. However, I am very slowly beginning to shoot for others. Perhaps a business will develop out of this. I’m exploring and learning right now. When I have captured families I adore it. I get thoroughly lost in the moment and aim to capture love and connection.

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My daily life is filled with motherly duties but I wouldn’t change anything for the world. I adore being a mom even in the most crazy of moments. Raising three little people is an honour and one that fills me with the most sense of joy and accomplishment. Photography has taught me to enjoy the smallest of moments, the tiniest of details, and appreciate all the little things. Life is not about the big moments or the grande adventures rather it’s about the magic that is woven into the everyday. The sparkle of a smile, the tug at your finger, the soft wisp of hair against your cheek…it’s those moments that fill me with the most joy and those moments that I aim to preserve when I step behind my lens. That’s my magic and my art.

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