All I Need is a Window | by Jenny Rosenbring

When I started photographing three years ago, I barely bothered to pick up my camera when I was at
home. I felt that our house, although new and quite airy with lots of windows had no interesting light
at all. Its taken me a long time to realize that there definitely is good light to be found, you just have
to look closer.

We have a spare room that we use for hanging out. We keep a TV there, a Playstation and a comfy
couch. We have a table for board games and a lot of toys for the kids. As a family we spend a lot of
time here. I love sitting in the couch because I have a view of the street and I can see the kids when
they play. Maybe that is how I discovered how awesome this window is for photography. It helps me
create photos of moments I never want to forget. My son, super-tanned after the warmest summer
we have had in ages. He looks so tiny against that couch and the wall. And so focused on his Ipad…


Its a south facing window and my husband often pulls down the blinds – to my dismay – because that
sunlight on a winter morning is just to die for. I have a thing for backlight and this window never
disappoints. I am basically camping out here all winter. All summer this window was useless for
backlighting, the sun never came this low. But now when the sun barely rises -totally works. And no
we don't clean our windows very often… I am embracing the texture it adds…


I use this window for creative shots too. My daughter and I had been raking up all the leaves in our
yard and I loved the colors, begged her to model and she said yes! (sometimes I have to pay her to
model). I love how the light embraces her face. Every time I want portraits of my kids I stick them
under this window.


My daughter has mastered the art of twirling to perfection – at least that is what her mama thinks -
and this is how I will always remember her younger years. In a dress, dancing, feeling all pretty. I
know those days will soon be gone, her cellphone and friends are taking over. This is the first time I
have taken a photograph of our hallway from this angle. I took a step to the side and loved what I
saw. I am still finding new ways to use this window. So never stop looking for light.


At the end of the day, home is where we spend most of our free time. My home is very important to
me, I am so attached to these walls and floors and windows. This is where our life is happening and I
have to make it work for catching important moments. And all I need is one good window.

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