Episode 30: Photography Love Language & Film

Finding your Tribe of creatives is one of the most powerful and uplifting circles you can have. When you find these people you hold on tight and share your art & soul with them and THEY. JUST. GET. IT! Amiright?!?! So, when your people are afar - and suddenly your worlds collide in the same place - at the same time: MAGIC HAPPENS!

Join Megs & Mel this week as they are together LIVE in the same place - at the same time: sharing their joy & passion for all things photography, film, and chatting about their photography love language. It's a fun and inspiring episode you don't want to miss!

Special guest, film & documentary photographer, Cami Turpin, knocks on the HS door to share her love of film, advice and vision of how to get to the heart of the shot - leading to her new photography course with Hello Storyteller Academy - "The Moment of Truth". She is inspiring, fun, and a great person to have in your circle! Presale is on NOW!

Discussed in this Podcast:


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