Episode 31 - Meet the Mentors - Beyond a Photograph with Katie Jennings

There's just something about video that gets the heart pumping, the music bumping, & your soul soaring. The snippets of leaves from the trees rustling in the wind, the wild flowers swaying from side to side. The laughter of your children and their sweet little voice. Running, skipping, and playing. Putting it all together to the beat of the overture. This. This is video. Your days and moments that can play forever. It is worth everything. Priceless.

Join Megs & Mel this week as they interview Academy Mentor, Katie Jennings, as she dives into the depths of shooting video - and why you should too! Katie's course, Beyond a Photograph, begins March 4, 2019! Don't wait another minute - grab a seat today and get $50 off using the code MARCH50 (link below)