Cheers to Summer! | by Melissa Richard

Who’s ready for Summer?! *Whips my hand up in the air like I just don’t care, trying to suppress my squeals of delight.*

My full time job (besides being a mom to two mini versions of my husband and I) is teaching a class full of tiny little hilarious humans how to read, add, subtract among oodles of other concepts. Summers for me are a sacred time. I finally get to sit back and relax, and take a break from my very busy school year.

Who else likes to have a delicious drink in hand while reading a riveting book, an inspirational magazine, or just sitting out in and soaking up those gorgeous warm rays?

Well, look no further. I compiled a short list of some delicious drinks to have on hand while you are enjoying the Summer months.


Iced Coffee

I can’t start my day without having a cup of joe. Until I do, I have a raging headache, and want to punch holes in the wall. When you wake up in the morning and it is already 20 degrees Celsius out, what’s more refreshing, and at the same time gives you your morning dose of caffeine to help wake you up? If you’re a fellow Canadian like myself, Tim Horton’s coffee is like a tradition here. Toss in some Bailey’s, because, why not? It’s suuuuummmmer!


Rainbow Sangria

If you’re a wine drinker, this is a very tasty drink that is easy to prepare. There are so many different ways to prepare a Sangria. Since I only like white wine, this is how I do it. It’s also very pleasing to the eye, and heck you can even get your daily dose of fruit intake at the same time! That’s a win/win in my books. All you need is a dry white wine, some triple sec, lime juice, sugar, a rainbow of fruit, and voila!


Strawberry Daiquiri

I love Mexican food, and I can’t go to a Mexican restaurant without ordering my strawberry daiquiri. Bonus points if I am able to sit and enjoy my food and drinks on a patio to enjoy the beautiful weather. Strawberry daiquiris are also always a crowd pleaser if you’re entertaining guests. It’s like a delicious adult version of a slushie/slurpee. You can easily make your own version at home, and try different flavours. All I do is blend some ice, frozen strawberries, fresh strawberries, lime juice and rum together.


Vodka Lemonade

Lemonade is always on hand during the Summer months. To make it “adult friendly” or to give it a “kick” add some vodka!


Lemonade Stand

Don’t like alcohol? Have kids? Why not set up a lemonade stand and give the proceeds to a local charity? Such a fun activity to do with your children, while helping others in the community, AND staying cool and hydrated.


Boozy Creamsicle Float

This is a new to me drink, we tried it recently on a whim. Who doesn’t like creamsicles? All you need is some Orange Crush pop (or soda if that’s what you call it!), vanilla flavoured vodka, triple sec, and some ice cream! Sounds delicious doesn’t it?!


Dave Matthews 

Do you like the band Dave Matthews? One of my all-time favourite bands. Bet you didn’t know there was a drink named after them! This is my favourite drink of all time. It reminds me of home. I am from the East coast of Canada (Fredericton New Brunswick to be exact, where the drink was created). When my husband and I moved to the West coast (Northern Alberta) that is when we realized our delicious Dave Matthews drink was unheard of out here. Google the recipe! You will not be disappointed. Ingredients included are coconut flavoured rum, amaretto, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice. 

Disclaimer: No livers were irrepairably harmed in the making of this blog post. 

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