Episode 34: Happy Mother's Day - Part 1 - with Meg's Mom, Debbie!

Happy Mother's Day Storyteller's!! This week we are coming together to celebrate MOMS!! But this is an episode you definitely DON'T want to miss! Go behind the scenes with Megan Boggs' Mom, Debbie, and get all the juicy deets about our fun-filled friend, Megs, when she was a kid and her journey to being a creative and Entrepreneur from her Mom's perspective. It's definitely a great listen and will leave you feeling all warm & fuzzy!

Do you have a fun MOM story or anecdote to share with our community?? We'd love to hear it and publish it on our blog/IG this month to help raise moms up and celebrate all their hard work! Submit Here

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Megs & Mel are two momtogs - living in their creative bubble, raising kids, cleaning house, and knockin' out their creative projects one day at at time. Hello Storyteller presents a brand new podcast mini series: Motherhood Snapshots! Where Megs & Mel will dive into the world of various "Mom" topics each week.

(I’ve also realized I (Megs) dont have any “pro” photos of me and my mom!! Who wants to come shoot us?!?! Also - I think a MOM retreat should happen…just saying!!)

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