Epilogue: Behind the Shot with Taryn Shultz

In July of 2017 I moved back to my hometown from NYC. I had convinced myself that I would be overwhelmed with inquires and business would be booming, but instead I found myself questioning my abilities, trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, and waiting for clients.

In October of 2018 I got to meet an inspiring photographer at a photography meetup. He spoke of his recent project for a local political candidate. His story resonated with me as he spoke of the situation he created for himself instead of waiting for it come to him. Through friends of friends and trading a family session, he was able to get into a fundraising event. He took photos, went home and edited them immediately, then sent them off. He was contacted shortly after and became a part of the team. This was what I had to do. Instead of waiting around for people to ask me to do work for them, I needed to start asking to work for people. Not only asking them, but showing them that they should want me to work for them. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this yet but I knew that I had to do what this photographer had done. I had to create my own opportunities.

After News Years, I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a post for a yoga event at a local brewery. The post was a cell phone photo so I assumed that they were not working with a photographer. I sent a quick message asking if I could come take pictures of the event. “Sure, as long as you share them with us”


The event was a great success and I loved the pictures I was able to produce. A week later I was contacted by the General Manager asking me to photograph an event that they were hosting. I had an opportunity. I had a client.

After the event, my season had officially slowed down and I was looking to do something creative to kick off Spring and Summer sessions. I needed to create another opportunity. I needed to do something that was mine, while still working with other creatives. I needed energy. I needed inspiration. I needed to feel fresh and proud heading into a new season. I decided to put together a styled wedding. I asked the same brewery to be my location and again they agreed to trade for photos, as did every other person involved. There was a lot of craziness that went on with the planning. People backed out. Original ideas couldn’t be executed because of logistics. And the morning of the session, our male model missed his flight causing me to scramble for a back up. But when I say every thing happened for a reason, I mean that. This session was everything I needed. I needed to know that asking for what you want can yield amazing opportunities. I needed to create a bigger community of other creatives. I needed to create something that felt like my own. I needed to prove that I could execute an idea. I needed to know that if something went wrong I could figure it out and make it work. But I also needed to start asking for what I wanted. Had I not been inspired by that photographer’s speech, I wonder if I would still be waiting around for clients? His words resonated so deeply with me at that time it created a whirlwind that was the momentum for work that I am extremely proud of. I heard his words when I needed them the most and I hope that someone reading this might as well.

Go get what you want.


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