Episode 36: Summer Time Survival


Summer is HERE! And with that comes ALL the KIDS. ALL the VACATIONS & all the FUN IN THE SUN!

How does Mom keep her sanity?!?! That's an excellent question, my dear Watson! We've got all the deets for you on how to survive SUMMER in our latest Motherhood Snapshots episode! Just know...you are not ALONE in the summer time frenzy! Join us for fun, advice, tips, tricks, vacations (not a vacation), how to find babysitters, summer time activities, and an all around good time with Megs & Mel!

Join us for our latest addition - "Motherhood Snapshots" Just two mom-togs living life one chaotic moment at a time!!

Chaos. Craziness.

Raising kids.

Learning lessons.

Making mistakes.


The good, the bad, the confusing...

We're going to talk about it all.

Since we are in the business of sharing our daily lives through storytelling photo journalism - we thought it might be fun (and enlightening) to share the inside of our world of mommyhood with you as well (no, you are NOT alone!!)

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