Telling a Mother's Story | by Meshea Shaffer


Hello friends, I’m Meshea. I have been married to my best friend for 15 years, I have two beautiful children who are my world and my daily inspiration, and the reason I started this photography journey.


When I first got my DSLR, I was completely clueless on where to start. Since I did not have children yet, I did not have cute little models to practice on. I remember asking literally everyone to let me take pictures of them, their families, their kids, their dogs- anything for practice! I would take my camera down to beach and practice shooting various objects and all different times to learn how to use light. Since online training wasn’t as accessible 9 years ago as it is today, I am completely self-taught. I would watch tutorial after tutorial on YouTube to learn Photoshop, and camera basics.


When I finally started taking clients, I often found myself gravitating towards Mothers and their children. I found myself wanting to spend a little more time with them during their sessions, to give them a few extra moments of cuddles with their babies. I wanted to capture their embraces, their emotions, their love.


I could always feel such a love radiate from them when they held their sweet babies in their arms.
And now being blessed with my two beautiful babies I completely understand the bond that is created
between Mother and Child. And truly how important it is to capture these ever so fleeting moments,
those teeny little details that change almost daily.


This is why I created my course. Telling a Mothers story is a beautiful and powerful thing. You are able to stop time and capture moments that will live forever and provide them with images that will truly be authentically them and tells the story of how they loved.

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