Episode 22: Motherhood Snapshots | you better check yourself

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That's right friends! You better check yourself - before you wreck yourself!!

In this weeks episode, Megs & Mel tackle the topic of "self care" and why it is so important to put yourself on your "to-do" list (in PEN!)

We all know what it's like to go-go-go and take care of everyone else and put US on the very bottom of our daily "to-do's", but without recharging the battery, we just can't always be our best selves. Check out how Megs & Mel take a TIME OUT for themselves to reboot, reload, and take a whole new outlook on life (while hiding in the bathroom).

Join us for our newest mini series of keeping it real - "Motherhood Snapshots" Just two mom-togs living life one chaotic moment at a time!!

Chaos. Craziness.

Raising kids.

Learning lessons.

Making mistakes.


The good, the bad, the confusing...

We're going to talk about it all.

Since we are in the business of sharing our daily lives through storytelling photo journalism - we thought it might be fun (and enlightening) to share the inside of our world of mommyhood with you as well (no you are NOT alone!!)

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