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lesson: enhancing window light in lightroom | by jamie eilts

Hello Everyone!  Jamie Eilts back on the blog again today!  As part of our blog introductions, we thought it would be fun to share a short lesson with you all.  I have so many things I am anxious to teach and share, but for today, I thought I would just show you a quick way to enhance the natural light from a window.

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what's in your bag | jamie eilts??

We've all been there, you post an image on social media and receive comments praising your beautiful work, and then inevitably, you get that dreaded comment we all loathe, “Wow!  Your camera takes great pictures.”  It makes you cringe because, yes, you do love that precious camera of yours, but we all know that a good photographer can take a great picture with any camera.  There’s so much more to it than just the camera/lens. But if you want to know, take a peek in my bag...

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