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lesson: creating raw emotion | with neka rae

Have you ever seen an image and think ‘WOW’ how did they capture such RAW emotion

Today I am going to share with you a few of my favorite prompts in order to achieve raw emotion from your subject. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to capture my clients in an emotional raw state-of-mind, the same way I shoot for myself. I would like to show you how to ensure your subject is comfortable in front of your lens; leading to emotive images. I will share how I capture emotion in within various genres of photography since I do not have one particular niche of photography, but rather showcase a "certain" emotive style.  Click the link to learn more!

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finding your home | with neka rae

I still have so much to learn in this business and photography. I'm looking forward to continuing my growth and evolving as a person and an artist. One thing I do know is... I will not limit myself as to what type of subject I photograph. There is emotion to be captured in all aspects of life and I feel I was chosen to capture these intimate moments in my clients lives, as well as mine. I believe that every chapter in my life, every trial and tribulation, has molded me as the artist I am today.

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