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hello storyteller podcasts: episode 4 - unveiling your inner artist | with Kristen Ryan

Join us as we chat with the amazingly talented Kristen Ryan about her 4th year of her 365-journey, channeling her inner artist, diving into the world of soul searching self portraits, and how she captures those dramatic and colorful Oklahoma skies (like jaw dropping gorgeous)!

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relishing the everyday | by katie jennings

As a kid I was a bit of a risk taker, but also a very sensitive person which I still am today. I think those attributes still aid me as I continue to grow into my photography and film making career. The risk - is sharing your life with the world through photography and films, especially since I didn't dive into the world of social media until 2014. As a lover of small tribes of close friends, the thought of sharing my every day moments on social media was terrifying. 

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