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lesson | a quickie "To-Do List" for hard light shooting with Robyn Chubey

Hard light is one of the most under-appreciated lighting scenarios for photographers, and for good reason. It is definitely trickier, and employed ineffectively, easily produces unappealing images. 

Some issues that photographers run into with hard-light situations are over-saturated colors, unwanted color casts, increase in contrast between hard shadows and bright highlights, and dappled light falling in an intrusive way. 

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lesson | freelensing with holly (nikon style)

I am often asked for tips on freelensing. Honestly, I tried for years to freelens with no success. This past summer, something finally clicked and now I’m completely hooked on this technique. It takes practice and patience, but once you learn how to control your lens to get your desired effect, it adds such depth and interest to your work. Check out the rest of this fun tutorial on the blog!!

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