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hello storyteller podcasts: episode 4 - unveiling your inner artist | with Kristen Ryan

Join us as we chat with the amazingly talented Kristen Ryan about her 4th year of her 365-journey, channeling her inner artist, diving into the world of soul searching self portraits, and how she captures those dramatic and colorful Oklahoma skies (like jaw dropping gorgeous)!

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hello storyteller podcasts: episode 3 | forethought & vision - with Robyn Chubey

"That's what I'm always after, this perfect vision in my head, I'll do whatever it takes to make the perfect image."

Join us this week as we chat with Robyn Chubey about how she tackles her photography vision from conception to completion, how to run a successful photography business, and what materials she uses to stay motivated and push through that awful "resistance". She's fun.  She's real. And she will get you motivated to "do more" and "be more"!

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