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Download & Go Courses are a “learn at your own pace” & are available anytime - anywhere. Instantly purchase any of the below courses & get ready to watch your story unfold with these fabulous mentors!


Back to School: Mini Course

with Melissa Ortendahl

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Art of Underwater Photography

with Erica Williams

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Authentically Creative

with Kristen Ryan


Mastering Minis

with Pamela Salai

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Capturing the Magic of Childhood

with Holly Awwad

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Self Portraiture

with LeAnna Azzolini

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A Mother’s Embrace

with Meshea Shaffer

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Minutiae: The Details

with Angie Mahlke

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Life in the Shadows

with Kimberli Fredericks

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with Lauren Webster

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The Visionary Storyteller

with Cami Turpin

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Light | Camera | Action

with Joy Kubb