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Autumn Glory | with Holly Awwad

your guide to shooting all things FALL!

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Ahhh, Fall. Oh how I love Thee! It is Holly’s absolute favorite season! The gorgeous colors, the cooler temperatures, and the cozy traditions have her swooning from the time she see’s the first leaf fall from the trees. But as a photographer, her favorite part of Autumn is the glorious, golden light!

  • You are my Sunshine: Autumn Light and how to capture it in your imagery

  • An Array of Colors: Autumn Color and Color Theory to make your images have impact 

  • Wait - Let me get my CAMERA! Capturing all the essential moments & details of this beautiful season 

  • Fall Photo Bucket: 60 must-capture moments you don’t want to miss!

    What’s Included:

  • Watch Holly edit her fall images with 4 editing videos

  • Four (4) fall presets for LR & ACR and Holly’s Autumn Tone Overlay!

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the most glorious of all seasons - FALL

Before & After | Autumn Glory Presets

Golden Autumn | Light

Golden Autumn | Dark

Autumn Color Pop!

Autumn | Overcast

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lifestyle & documentary photographer

lifestyle & documentary photographer

holly awwad

I’m Holly Awwad. But my name isn’t who I am. I am a wife, I am a mother, but before I was either of those, I was a photographer.

My style lies somewhere in a gray area between documentary and fine art photography. I love to sprinkle my work with creative shots and I’m addicted to freelensing. I love clean composition and rich colors, and love using light in creative ways to shape my subjects and create a mood. My style doesn’t fit into a neatly defined box, but that’s okay. Because this is “MY” voice.