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Capturing the Magic of Childhood | with Holly Awwad

let your magic unfold with emotion & composition

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Join Holly as she shares how she uses light, composition and patient observation to capture the authentic moments of childhood. Learn how to look beyond the traditional snapshot and find the beauty and innocence in your everyday life. Learn how to combine genuine emotion with compositional elements and techniques to become a better storyteller. Holly will share with you her process to help you strengthen your voice as your family’s historian, as well as create artistic and beautiful captures of the true magic of childhood.

  • Ticket for One: Join Holly as she shares her photography story and how it has shaped her into the artist she is today.

  • It’s a Magic Show: Tips & tricks on how to always be preparred to capture life's moments as they unfold & how to gently coach your child for authentic reactions and a fun shooting experience for all.

  • The Illuminist: How to use light to your advantage & tell a story in every situation.

  • The Vantage Point: How to use techniques and composition to enhance your storytelling.

  • The Spell Book: How putting it all together creates truly magical works of art that is a genuine representation of your daily lives.

beauty & innocence in your everyday life

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lifestyle & documentary photographer

lifestyle & documentary photographer

holly awwad

I’m Holly Awwad. But my name isn’t who I am. I am a wife, I am a mother, but before I was either of those, I was a photographer.

My style lies somewhere in a gray area between documentary and fine art photography. I love to sprinkle my work with creative shots and I’m addicted to freelensing. I love clean composition and rich colors, and love using light in creative ways to shape my subjects and create a mood. My style doesn’t fit into a neatly defined box, but that’s okay. Because this is “MY” voice.