holly grams

I’m documenter of life’s littlest stories.  Small moments.  This moment.   I’m a seeker of simple beauty. The most magical moments are those that are found right in the midst of the ordinary everyday things.  I’m passionately curious about people and their stories and am constantly thinking of ways to document them in an authentic way.  I’m inspired daily by my two boys who are steadfast reminders that life is incredibly beautiful even when it’s messy and not at all perfect.  Children have this incredible way of emphasizing how gorgeous life is and they also reveal how very fast time moves.  I’m determined to document as much  as I can of these sweet childhood moments and I want to help you do that too.  

I find true joy and peace when I’m outdoors amongst the trees on my land and when I’m with my family doing everyday things.  I believe when we put beauty into the word, the world gives us beauty back...

Again. And again. And again

In my photography I’m drawn to authentic emotion, beautiful tones and high contrast.  I find comfort in shadows and am constantly seeking light. I love to find ways to highlight a subject with framing and light.  More than anything, I’m drawn to images that evoke emotion and a sense of connection.  I’d love to help you find your inner artist and help you transform your ordinary moments into beautiful authentic art to keep for a lifetime.  I don’t believe you need to have a fancy studio, an immaculate home or to travel to exotic places to create amazing photos. I’d love nothing more than to show you how I turn the everyday into art and show you how you can do the same.