Light. Camera. Action. | with Joy Kubb - Elective Course

Light. Camera. Action. | with Joy Kubb - Elective Course


Childhood is a beautiful season and it goes by way too fast! In this course you will learn practical tips for creating dynamic images of children. You will explore the qualities of light and learn how to manipulate light to best tell the sweet story of childhood.  Joy will share her favorite tips for getting children excited and keeping them engaged in front of the camera.  You will learn how to use movement to breathe life into your images while considering simple composition techniques that add depth and drama to everyday captures.

• Dive into Joy’s journey - tips for establishing personal style and finding your voice

• Pondering with a Purpose - thinking about the “why” behind photography & the power in setting a purpose each day

• Exploring Light - investigating the exposure triangle, qualities of light and getting creative with backlighting (shadows, silhouettes, sunbursts, bokeh, creative exposure, and flares)

• The Magic of Movement - tips & tricks for keeping children engaged, creative settings for capturing motion, composition techniques that support visual flow

• Embracing the Environment - simple composition techniques for adding depth and drama to your imagery (big skies, perspective, scale, negative space, layering, and framing)

• Breaking Through A Rut - multiple ideas for getting through a rut including creative techniques (shooting through, multiple exposure, differential focus, refraction and rarefaction)

BONUS - behind the scenes & editing video and a final assignment with CC by Joy

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