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Beyond a Photograph | Video with Katie Jennings

learning video and the heart of storytelling: clip by clip

Begins March 4, 2019

in this course you'll learn

Hi! My name is Katie Jennings, your friend and teacher through this process.  My goal for you during this class is that you will have all the tools needed to create family films that will become treasures. I know that you will find creating video is a fun and creative process that really pushes your artistic vision in ways that photography does not.  I can’t wait to go on this journey with you!

  • Tech 101: basic settings and gear needed to shoot a video

  • Composition & movement: how to move; diving into positions and movements that bring life to video.

  • Formulating a plan: how to brainstorm and organize your first video; creating a shot list. Your beginning, middle & end.

  • Putting it all together: pulling clips into Lightroom and Premiere Pro, cutting and moving clips creating a flow in storytelling. How to put together a fusion video (photo + video)

  • Editing: how to edit your video in Lightroom and Premiere Pro, adding your own style.

  • Selling: how to incorporate videos into your client work

  • Final Project: each student video will be reviewed and critiqued by Katie

the story photographs cannot tell

what's included:

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learn any time - any where - with audio & print options

documentary photographer & videographer

documentary photographer & videographer

katie jennings

Capturing real life moments has always been my passion since the birth of my daughter (and last baby) 5-years ago. A giant health scare during my pregnancy with my middle son led me to this conclusion - life is not guaranteed! Each day we are here is beautiful and worth documenting no matter how mundane it may seem. Now that I am approaching 40 (eek!) and my kids are getting older (9, 7 and 5 years old) my goal is to document our every day life as it is right now through short films and photography. It is so rewarding watching your family on video, hearing your kids sweet little voices and seeing them play. Capturing my children through documentary photography also ensures we’ll have endless memories for our family to look back on. Photography and videography is a way for me to hold onto the past while looking forward to each new day and the endless possibilities that the future holds and all the creative ways I can capture it!