Beyond a Photograph | with Katie Jennings - Workshop

Beyond a Photograph | with Katie Jennings - Workshop


In this 2-week mini workshop, Katie will provide you with all the tools you need to create family films that will become family treasures. You will discover a whole new world in creating short films that will last a life time & dive into a creative process that thoroughly pushes your artistic vision in ways that photography could never do.  You will be on your way to documenting lifes greatest moments and capturing the smallest details you (and/or your clients) don’t ever want to forget. Open up the opportunity to hear the tiny voices, incessant laughter, dancing, frolicking, and wandering through life’s precious moments forever, again & again. This is a time you NEVER want to forget. In this course you will learn:

  • Tech 101: basic settings and gear needed to shoot a video

  • Composition & movement: how to move; diving into positions and movements that bring life to video.

  • Formulating a plan: how to brainstorm and organize your first video; creating a shot list. Your beginning, middle & end.

  • Putting it all together: pulling clips into Lightroom and Premiere Pro, cutting and moving clips creating a flow in storytelling. How to put together a fusion video (photo + video)

  • Editing: how to edit your video in Lightroom and Premiere Pro, adding your own style.

  • Selling: how to incorporate videos into your client work

  • Final Project: each student video will be reviewed and critiqued by Katie

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