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Life in the Shadows | with Kimberli Fredericks

using light & shadow for emotive storytelling

in this course you'll learn

This course is geared toward using light and emotion to create timeless images that tell the story of you. You’ll learn to observe and document dramatic light around the home and outdoors; the importance of exposure and how to get it right for your vision; how to add interest with different lenses, techniques, and tools; how to infuse emotion and strengthen your story; and finally how to pull it all together and edit for increased impact.

  • Light & Shadow: the basics of light and dark

  • The Importance of Exposure: learning exposure, metering, and settings

  • Identifying Light: Hard, side, silhouette, pocket, rim, shadow play, artificial & more

  • Adding Interesting Layers to your Imagery: reflections, perspectives, layering, atmosphere & more

  • Telling your story through connections: How light and shadow effect emotional response

  • Creative Elements & Tricks: Prisms and plastics and water - Oh my!

  • BTS & Editing Videos: Go behind the scenes with Kimberli to see how she creates extra drama in her imagery and showcases her amazing before & after transformations

  • Bonus: A light tour of Kimberli’s home through her eyes, pullbacks, and image settings

finding the light in the darkness


What's included:

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learn any time - any where - with audio & print options

lifestyle & documentary photographer

lifestyle & documentary photographer

kimberli fredericks

Kim is an internationally published lifestyle photographer and half-sane mama to 4

(ages 12, 4, 3, and brand new). She lives with her crazy family and hubby in the

quiet midwest. She describes herself as one part realist and one part romantic,

and photographs in the same fashion. Kim is all about telling the beautiful and

messy truth of childhood, using every kind of light, lots of contrast and shadows,

and all the black and white. She loves iced coffee and quiet, writing lists, traveling

to pretty places, and documenting the journey along the way.