Authentically Creative | with Kristen Ryan - Download & Go

Authentically Creative | with Kristen Ryan - Download & Go


We've all be stuck in a "RUT"; experienced moments of frustration and lack of motivation when we aren’t creating our "best" art. Maybe it's lack of skill, or motivation/inspiration, or life taking over. Kristen Ryan will help you dig deep into what is stopping you and help you push through those moments. I want to help you rediscover why you started making your art. I want you to find your voice and follow your own path, making images that fill your heart with pure joy and confidence. My goal is to push you creatively and help you discover inspiration in your everyday. This course will give you the spark you need to move forward to create magic and to remind you this is your journey, your creative mind, and your master piece.

  • A Look Inside Yourself: discover what sparks your creativity and provokes your inspiration

  • Fighting the Good Fight: how to push aside resistance and get out of your comfort zone - pushing boundaries to explore new techniques and editing styles

  • Light your Fire: discover inspiration in unlikely places and how to turn it into a master piece.

  • Group Critiques: how to grow from constructive review

  • Be Intentional: how to use both emotion and vision with purpose

  • The Big Picture: how to tie it all together; combining new techniques to meet your regular workflow

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