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Capturing the Feeling | with Lauren Wright

maternity & newborns: a whole new world

January 2019

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Join Lauren as she shares her secrets on how she connects with mothers and their families; bringing to life their emotions and stories through her imagery. Learn how to create a trusting client-relationship, a safe & relaxed space to create, all while maintaining your own voice. Lauren will share how she implements her developed client-relationships, light, texture, and details observed during her sessions to create an emotive artistic gallery.

  • Who are You: exercises to help identify your own voice

  • Understanding Client Visions: setting expectations & fostering trusting client relationships

  • Strike a Pose: posing & anticipating moments

  • Setting the Vibe: for your session & creating a safe space for clients to be themselves

  • A Moody Atmosphere: how to use light, textures & colors to create mood and emphasize emotion

  • Creating a Story: how to create an emotionally strong storyline to present to clients

  • Weekly assignments, editing videos, workflow overview, behind the scenes video & more

set the vibe for your session


what's included:

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maternity & newborn photographer

maternity & newborn photographer

lauren wright

I’m Lauren: the owner and creative behind Lauren Wright Photography. To be here and connecting with you on your journey, I am honored & humbled. In this moment, you may just be beginning your artistic journey or refining your voice in the industry. No matter your journey, I see you & I am here to guide and listen.

I’m a serious nester, kind of to my own fault. I like the feeling of cozy & lived in. I love the sensations the earth has to offer. The sight of a new budding growth in the spring, the cool water rushing over my skin on a hot day, the sounds of crunching leaves beneath my feet and the smell of fresh pine on a cold wintery day. Feeling emotions is amazing. I love music and when I listen to it, it makes me cry or dance uncontrollably (and I am not a good dancer). To feel makes me crave more of everything. I love feeling like a powerful woman and lifting my sisters up,  I always want to celebrate that.

The art that I make, I make to evoke the senses and emotion.

I ask to join you on this part of your journey, letting what you love lead the way.