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I Was There Too | with Melissa Ortendahl

your children want to remember you

January 2019

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How many times last year were you in a picture with your kids? One that wasn’t taken with a phone or in “selfie” mode? How will your children know that you were there with them when they look back on photographs of their childhood? As photographers, we are usually the ones behind the camera, capturing everyone else. When our well-intentioned friends and family offer to take our picture, we either decline or end up with a blurry, forced smile picture that doesn’t capture us actually in the moment with our kids. As mom’s, we are the least likely to get in the frame with our kids. We go out of our way to get pictures of our little ones with their dads, grandparents, siblings, but yet, we rarely make it a priority to be in a picture with them.

The “I was there too” workshop is designed to change that. Over the course of 3 weeks you will learn the technical side of how to get in the frame (using your camera’s timer, a remote, a intervalometer, focus and settings), but also how to be IN the moment with your children instead of just "in the picture".  

Lesson topics include:

  • Logistics and settings

  • Kids and cooperation

  • What to shoot and why

  • Indoor portraits

  • Outdoor portraits

  • Shooting in a public place

  • Creative ways to get in the frame

  • Editing and behind the scenes

You will get behind-the-scenes videos of Melissa getting in the frame with her kids, her settings, her suggestions and tips, and the reality of what "getting in the frame" looks like. She will walk you through her culling and editing process and breakdown her editing process. You'll also receive access to a private Facebook group and live Q&A’s. Additionally, you will be given shooting assignments once per week, culminating in a large week 3 assignment. All assignments will be reviewed and provided feedback by Melissa for all participants.

If you have been wanting to get in the picture with your kids but weren’t sure how to do it. If you want to have beautiful images of you with your children.  If you want to have those day to day moments of you, with them, for you, and for them - join us for this workshop!

Those day to day moments of you, with them. For you & for them.


what's included:

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 lifestyle & documentary photographer

lifestyle & documentary photographer

melissa ortendahl

Melissa. Lifestyle photographer. Boymom. Inspired by the everyday. Natural light. Embraces chaos. Thrives on creative sparks. Can be bribed with Mexican food. Always down for a deep thoughts talk. Or a night out dancing. Does not embarrass easily. Work in progress.