megan boggs

i am a rule breaker. a risk taker. a thinker. a dreamer. a believer. a seeker of light. a lover of words. a creative. a passionate artist. a mother of two. a wife.

my passion for photography developed when i was a girl, carrying a disposable camera in hand everywhere; capturing the world around me, the friends i made, and the adventures i took. but my heart + soul as an artist ignited this year while partaking in a 365-day photography challenge. i found my voice, my passion, my 'food for the soul' creative outlet.

my biggest inspirations are my two sweet girls. my life. my every day. the breaths i take. the hugs we make. i am not your "typical portrait photographer", but a storyteller, a guardian of moments, a preserver of every day life. real. raw. emotional.