Copy of Mastering Minis | with Pamela Salai - Mentor LIVE

Copy of Mastering Minis | with Pamela Salai - Mentor LIVE


Have you dreamed of setting up the perfect mini session? Did you know that Pamela actually built her photography business by offering unique mini sessions?! She didn’t use mini sessions to replace her full sessions - but used them as a stepping stone & a sneak peek into booking one of her magical FULL sessions. She used her mini sessions to build her brand, gather clients, & generate a great BUZZ! And guess what - she wants to share all of these secrets with YOU!

  • Where to start: the art of mini sessions from start to finish

  • A Peek Inside: take a look at one of Pamela’s EXCLUSIVE magical mini sessions - it’s a GOOD one!

  • Quick Tips: how to create the most wonderful & perfect mini session

  • What to do: how to find new & inspiring motivation & ideas for your minis

  • Let’s Make a Profit: how to make a livable income from your mini sessions

  • Making Memories: interacting with your clients & providing a fun and dreamsicle session

  • Upcycling Props: how to use props more than once without feeling redundant by never shooting the same session over & over

  • BONUS: want this beautiful magazine guide in print?? No problem…we’ve got the perfect link for you to get your hands on it!

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