Mentor Live - SOLD OUT

Mentor Live - SOLD OUT


Creating composites: You’ve thought about doing it, right?! You may have even tried a couple, but if you aren’t familiar or confident with the tools and workflow to be successful, it can be a very intimidating to create magical images you have envisioned. After all, when creating composites, you’re not just documenting what is, you’re using your own unique inner stories and ideas to make an image happen. This is the art of storytelling by stitching multiple images together to make something magical. This course is the answer to making composites with confidence and ease! In Kicking Ass and Taking Frames, Robyn will break down the meaning and thoughtfulness behind compositing images & will provide you with her essential tool kit & step-by-step process for producing magical, kickass imagery - including these key concepts:

  • What is a Composite: the break down & meaning of compositry & how merging of two or more images creates one magical composite image.

  • The Missing Key: compositing concepts; ensuring all parts of the image look as if they have the same perspective, focal length, depth of field, plane of focus, white balance, saturation, exposure, and light source

  • Shooting for Success: when, where, why, & how to shoot for your composite

  • Lightroom & Photoshop Editing: learn the creative side of post-processing and unlock your magical artistry in Lightroom & Photoshop

    • Layers and Layer Masks

    • Blend Modes

    • Levels

    • Color Balance

    • Hue/Saturation

    • Selective Color & more

  • Mini assignments, tips, tricks, behind the scenes and editing video tutorials, and Mentor Live Q&A (Mentor Live only)

  • One (1) final project submitted for constructive critique and review by Robyn

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