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Elements of Emotion | with Tanya Moon

evoking mood & drama in your everyday tale

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Are you drawn to moody, emotive imagery but not quite sure how to achieve style in your own work?  In this course, Tanya will discuss how to create mood & emotion in your imagery using light, settings, expression, movement, texture, storytelling, and compositional elements to draw your viewer in and leave them breathless. Tanya will showcase how she creates moody & dramatic imagery, step by step, where she finds inspiration and what elements she looks for in every capture. You’ll enjoy two editing videos and one behind-the-scenes video observing how Tanya edits to bring out the ultimate drama in your everyday tale.

  • What Moves You: finding what makes your heart sing

  • Discovering the Light: defining moody & emotive light and how to find it

  • What’s your Story: what story are you trying to convey: using settings, expression, movement & texture to aide your story

  • What’s your Perspective: emotive compositional rules & elements

  • Behind the Scenes & Editing: Watch Tanya as she edits to accentuate moody, emotive imagery that will move you

  • BONUS - Black & White Imagery: creating the ultimate mood and emotion through monochrome application

accentuate the ultimate drama in your story


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lifestyle & documentary photographer

lifestyle & documentary photographer

tanya moon

Hello there! I am Tanya Lorraine, a wife, home educator, mother to nine beautiful children, and owner of Tanya Lorraine Photography in Nashville Tennessee. I usually  start my day with coffee and end it with a little wine. I love long drives in the country just for the heck of it, I prefer breakfast dates over dinner dates, I LOVE art ( specifically portraiture in realism) & music ( specifically playing the piano)  and of course spending quality time with my husband and children. Photography is my obsession! I am a lover of fine art imagery and moody and emotive light. I am always seeking to capture the everyday beauty of life with my children as well as the beauty of nature. I am  a Click Pro with Clickin Moms and an instructor at The Unraveled Academy. I was a published photographer with Beauty Revived 2018 and was also published in Bella Grace Magazine.