Art & Soul Preset Collection | by Holly Awwad

Art & Soul Preset Collection | by Holly Awwad


Let the color slip away. Allow your eye and mind to look deeper as drama, contrast and mood transform your images into emotive works of art.

This 20 black and white preset collection was handcrafted so you’ll have a 1-click editing option for any lighting situation. This collection will streamline your editing process, save you valuable time, and give you rich and emotional black and white conversions. From light and airy, to deep and dramatic, the Art & Soul BW Collection will give your images the beautiful and emotive results you are looking for to create an artistic gallery for yourself or your clients.

These presets are made to use with Adobe Lightroom CC, and ACR, and can be applied to RAW (best choice) or JPG images.

Also included in this collection:

Lightroom Brush Bonus Pack

  • Art & Soul Burn: Darkens areas of your image.
    Art & Soul Dodge: Lightens areas of your image.

  • Art & Soul Eye Pop: Adds pop and sparkle to eyes.

  • Art & Soul Sharpen Details: Use on the face or other focal point to sharpen and add contrast.

  • Art & Soul Moody Sky: Add drama and depth to your skies.

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