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the electives.

Elective Courses will host a ONE week “Mentor Live” will run for each elective course upon release where you’ll receive exclusive hands-on guidance from the elective course mentor and exclusive access to their private Facebook group where you can interact with other students of the course to receive feedback, support, and CC. The mentor will be present during that week of the Mentor Live to answer questions & provide feedback on mini projects. Elective courses are offered as a "learn at your own pace" and can be reviewed at any time, anywhere. All materials will be yours to keep and you will have access to the material and website 24-hours a day. All elective courses come with an easy-on-the-go audio learning option.

(Mentor Live’s have limited open seats. Purchase of Mentor Live seats will be available 2-weeks prior to course release)


Available for Purchase |

A Mother’s Embrace.

with Meshea Shaffer

Available for Purchase |

Self Portraiture: The Complete Journey.

with LeAnna Azzolini

Available for Purchase |

Minutiae: The Details.

with Angie Mahlke

Available for Purchase |

Life in the Shadows.

with Kimberli Fredericks

Available for Purchase |

Light | Camera | Action.

with Joy Kubb

Available for Purchase |

The Moment of Truth.

with Cami Turpin

Mentor Live | April 1-6 | Unscripted

with Lauren Webster

Mentor Live | April 15-21 | Magic of Childhood

with Holly Awwad

Mentor Live | April 22-28 | Kicking Ass & Taking Frames

with Robyn Chubey

Mentor Live | May 6 - May 12 | Dare to be Wild

with Megan Boggs

Mentor Live | May 20-26 | The Wild Child

with Chelsea Kozlinsky

Mentor Live | June 3-9 |

Becoming Rembrandtesque.

with Holly Grams