katie jennings

Capturing real life moments has always been my passion since the birth of my daughter (and last baby) 5 years ago. It was this and a giant health scare while pregnant with my middle son that led to this conclusion - life is not guaranteed but each day that we are here is beautiful and worth documenting no matter how mundane it may seem. Now that I am approaching 40 (eek!) and my kids are getting older (9, 7 and 5 years old) my goal is to document our every day life as it is right now through short films and photography. It is so rewarding watching your family on video, hearing your kids sweet little voices and seeing them play. Capturing my children through documentary photography also ensures we’ll have endless memories for our family to look back on. Photography and videography is a way for me to hold onto the past while looking forward to each new day and the endless possibilities that the future holds and all the creative ways I can capture it!